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Early Start

Andrijana Arlen was born on the 29th of January; 1984 in Veles, Macedonia. Her first piano was a gift by her father at the age of eight. Andrijana says she did not show any interest in playing the piano at that time. Andrijana took her first piano lesson at the age of twelve and that was her entrance into the classical world of music.

“ It was a new and fascinating time; but also a very difficult period in my life and it lasted almost ten years”, Andrijana says. “ From nowhere I started to love classical music so deeply that I was determined to dedicate my life to it. I was practicing for hours and hours and when I had to take lunch breaks etc; I was continuing to listen to the same music. I was dreaming of giving concerts and I was playing the notes in my mind even in my sleep.

Education and work

When Andrijana started taking piano lessons at the age of twelve, it was too late for her to get accepted into a primary music school. That is why she took two years of private tutoring so that she could get accepted into the Music High School. During that period, Andrijana describes as the hardest period of her life: “ To have had only two years of experience of playing the piano and then trying to compete with other students who already had at least six years of active playing as well as a rich biography; it was like a mission impossible to reach their level. But not for me. I was very disciplined and dedicated to my goals. I was practicing twelve to sixteen hours every day and night so I could reach their level. And at the end… I did”.
Andrijana graduated with the highest grade at the Music Academy in Skopje, Macedonia in the year of 2006.

At the Musikhögskolan (Music Highschool) in Malmö she was studying in between the years of 2008-2010. She specialized in classical solo piano and chamber music, and in between the years of 2019-2021 she finished her Master Degree in music pedagogy.
Andrijana is also very dedicated to her piano students as a teacher. Her second passion is pedagogy and teaching. Andrijana has been working as a music teacher in three different countries and she can speak four different languages. As a concert pianist she was playing in: Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Bulgaria.


Andriana’s hobby is to read books. She also enjoys writing. She writes poetry, books with various piano technique exercises for young beginners; as well as exploration work in the field of IQ increasing due to the importance of music in mental development. Andrijana is also the author of the book “Life is…” published in the year of 2006 in Macedonia.

For the past two years Andrijana has also been composing film music.

A Dream come true

After many years of practicing, studying and playing the piano; Andriana’s dream finally came true:
“ I cannot imagine playing something other than classical music, but at the same time I needed more on a stage, I needed more passion, and more energy. Classical crossover genre was perfect for me. I was dreaming of playing my favorite compositions with a new sound, the sound I was listening to constantly in my mind. And now my dream has come true.
 In the year of 2021; Andriana’s first classical crossover album was published by the name “Chasing Dreams”.
Her music is available on all music platforms.
The same year she recived the award “Best classic crossover pianist for 2021” she started to working on her new album where her original music will be featured.

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